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CLAUDETTE PACE Claudette Pace was born on the 8th of February 1968. In her studies Claudette specialized in Theatre, Entertainment and Communications. Claudette took up voice training in Berlin. Claudette has always been very active in theatre, starting from her school years. She has performed regularly and has also had singing roles in Christmas Pantomimes , which strengthened her interest in music. Claudette has become a very well known TV personality. She has produced and presented some of the most popular TV shows. Thanks to her production company, Max Media Entertainment,she has also, together with her friends and work colleagues, her television station. Claudette Pace's musical career has been very active. She regularly participates in local and international song festivals. Since 1993 she has placed well and has won various prestigious awards. Claudette was nominated for best female singer in all the editions of the Malta Music Awards and in 1998 her CD 'Beginnings' was nominated for best CD. In 1995 Claudette Pace won the award for Best Female Artist. Today Claudette Pace performs regularly. Jazz remains her greatest satisfaction. But the year 2000 seems to be the golden year for Claudette Pace. After winning the prestigious Malta Song for Europe Festival on January 15th, she will be performing as a singer in several countries around the world including Germany (at Cap Sounds Studios - Frankfurt), Sweden (at the Eurovision Song Contest) and her long-time dream AUSTRALIA.


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